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Linda created this website, because of COVID, many people lost homes, family members and their animals.. Animals can't talk or get jobs to support themselves... 


I am selling my autographed photos to support my charity works, please visit my Store page to purchase.  If you prefer to donate solely, visit Adoption page.

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Linda Gaye Scott  -  Who is she? 

I will tell you that Linda's story is an incredibly mysterious & amazingly outrageous one. 

Linda was born in Santa Monica Hospital, Daughter of Milton Bradley Scott aka MB Scott. Her mom, was the daughter of a well-known character actress in the 40's known as Woman of 100 Voices, also winning a TV Award for her funny weekly character on the Red Skelton Show. 

Linda, a sickly baby & child with severe Asthma nearly lost her life.  The endless middle-of-the-night trips to the hospital scared her mom & dad that she wouldn't make it. The doctor's orders were, If they wanted her to live, she would have to live in a very dry climate, so the decision was made to move to Encino in San Fernando Valley. She was very smart in school, especially English & History, but she loved sports and was a bit of a tomboy. During that time Encino was sprinkled with many movie stars who loved the ranchy life away from Hollywood.

For example, western stars such Roy Rogers/Dale Evans lived one street away. Linda would spend the night at their ranch with Roy's daughter, Linda's schoolmate (also named Linda) riding horses and being with animals. In these neighborhoods and surroundings, she wasn't ever intimidated or impressed w/movie stars. Other neighbors such as Clark Gable & other stars lived close by, plus Paramount Ranch/studios where many western films were made. Linda recalled an afternoon with her mom when they were invited to see Robert Mitchum filming & remembered him flirting like crazy with her mom.​

After several years in Encino, M.B. Scott was doing very well in his business and decided to move to Coldwater Canyon just outside downtown Beverly Hills. Again the neighborhood was filled with movie stars such as Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Rod Taylor, and many others.

One evening, Linda and her mom were coming home, and Frank bumped into their car, stopped, got out, looked to see if there was any damage, smiled, and said very charmingly "just bumpahs". Mom smiled as Frank was her mom's favorite. 

Linda went to Emerson Junior High School in West LA & was in class with Frankie Jr, Cheryl Crane (Lana Turner's daughter, Brian Donlevy's daughter Judy & many more. Growing up with celebrities & their kids was just an ordinary part of her life.

Peggy Lipton, a close friend & neighbor later married Quincy Jones with whom Linda also became friends. Then another close friend of Peggy's & Linda's was Jill Banner who had an extensive affair with Marlon Brando. Linda recalls that it was at Jill's funeral in the '80s that Marlon went over to Linda, hugged her & said "you were Jill's best friend & I love you for being her friend". Linda, of course, recollects so many stories about Marlon that it could be a book.

As a matter of fact, Linda's whole life could be a book/film/TV series, but we'll save that for another time. There's so much to Linda Gaye Scott's life. 

For now, we focus on Linda's mission, "TO HELP & RESCUE HOMELESS & ABUSED ANIMALS"

Linda became a fixture on TV in the 1960s and 1970s, appearing in numerous TV series, including Batman with Adam West and Frank Gorshin, Green Hornet with Bruce Lee and Van Williams, Gidget with Sally Field, Bonanza with Lorne Greene and Michael Landon, Columbo with Peter Falk and Janet Leigh, Donna Reed Show, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with David McCallum and Robert Vaughn, Old Faithful with Burgess Meredith and Zero Mostel, Ben Casey with Vince Edwards, and more. (Videos)


Her feature film appearances include Westworld with Richard Benjamin, James Brolin, Yul Brynner, Little Fauss and Big Halsy with Robert Redford, Hammersmith is Out with Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Peter Ustinov,  Psyco-Out with Jack Nicholson and more. (Videos)

In 1964, Linda published a single 45" record, Joey's Last Big Game and The Spark that Flamed the Fire. Furthermore, Linda was on a cover album of Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin. (Records)

 Westworld Gidget Ben Casey Batman Bewitched Green Hornet Bonanza

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