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Animal Kingdom
Linda's Animal Rescue and Adoption


Linda strongly believes these animals need LOVE, good shelters, medications/food, and Caring Families to adopt them. There are many charity organizations helping but Linda’s thoughts are "COVID has impacted millions of families forced to give up their homes and pets. Therefore, under the desperate circumstances, she feels the pain more from these families, and of those forced to move from their dwellings."


NOW is the time to act and her goal is to turn Tears into Smiles.


Over the years, Linda and her husband have been contributing to animal shelters and saving homeless critters off the streets. A known fact is that Abused and Unwanted animals are dropped off in the mountains, deserts, beaches or drowned, etc. Sad but true, most animals are not taken into animal shelters, better known as the pound. Happily & gladly many are adopted by good people. However, so many animals are used for research purposes or end up in cages for a Limited/Short time until they are put to death.


Linda sells autographed photos from well known TV shows and Films to help build her charity goals.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch with us, so we can start working together. Please send information with your animal's description. We will get back to you...

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Thank You for Rescuing Animals

Please purchase my autographed photos and donation from PayPal and proceeds go to Linda's Mission

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