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Hi Everyone, 


I am the “LINDA” in "Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin'".

LINDA peaked at #28 in 1963 on the Billboard Hot 100. LINDA is a popular song and was written by Jack Lawrence, and published in 1946.

Jan & Dean with friends the Beach Boys (Brian Wilson) as stereotypical young Californians - all-American surfers with bikini-clad girls on their arm. Yet they had a history before they fell in with the Wilson brothers.

Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin'
LindaJan and Dean
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This is my single record published by Apogee in 1964

Joey's Last Big Game
Linda Joey's Last Big Game_edited.jpg
Joey's Last Big Game (1)
The Spark That Flamed The Fire
Linda The Spark That Flame the Fire.jpg
The Spark that Flamed the Fire (1)

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