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The Green Hornet: Invasion from Outer Space - Part 1 & Part 2, Season 1 Episode 25, Aired March 10, 1967 on ABC. At the penthouse, Casey is taking dictation for Britt. When they finish, he offers her a drink before he leave for his date. The Sentinel radio station broadcasts that a UFO has crashed and burned two miles outside of the city. Britt calls Kato in as the announcer states that witnesses up to eight figures leave the UFO before it exploded in the field. Britt calls the newsroom and the reporter on duty, Bill Corman, says that they have witnesses swearing that the UFO was flying east before it crashed. Rumors are going around that they've been invaded from outer space, and silver-clad figures break into the penthouse. When Kato throws a hornet dart at one, it bounces off of one figure's suit and the woman Vama stuns him with an electrical blast.

Vama (Linda Gaye Scott)

The Green Hornet: Vama

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