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Linda's Blog: Westworld

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

I’ve made Linda's Blog page for all of you to read. You may ask me questions and I will answer according to my knowledge.

We can chat about the film "Westworld" & Writer/Director Dr. Michael Crichton. It may not be well known but during his tenure at Harvard he wrote many books while attending Medical School. His talent for writing supported his school tuition and other expenses during his attendance at Harvard.

As you know, Westworld focused on the collapse of a high-tech fantasy world. In Westworld, there was a saloon offering sexual favors to the customers. My character's name was Arlette and I was a Robot! Richard Benjamin as Peter and James Brolin as John were approached by the saloon manager offering them a pleasurable time with her girls. Both guys accepted the offer and each went upstairs. Arlette was designed to be voluptuous and undressed provocatively before the mirror, then slowly approached Peter who felt weird since he & Arlette had met only minutes before. Arlette continued to reveal herself and leaned into Peter, as they caressed & kissed one another hence the audience assumes they had sex. Afterwards, her eyes became silver as the first sign of deviation in her code reveals itself.

Someone in my Facebook ( asked me, "Did you really Kiss Peter" in the movie....This story will be in my Podcast....... Stay Tuned.

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